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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Today I'm going to talk about something different. I want to show you the tool I've been using for quite some time now and has changed the way I look at email. Why did I say 'look'? I call myself a visual person. The first thing I see when I discover something new is the looks of it. The thing that gets me exploring is always based on the first 30 seconds of 'Wow, this looks nice!' And this, well, this looks awesome! So, I'm in.

This app completely changes the way you treat your email. We are all used to seeing the same email clients all the time - Gmail, Outlook,..., and we are comfortable using them because we are familiar with them. Would you say you use them because they look 'Wow'? Or, because they have some awesome feature you did not find somewhere else? Or, because they make working with your email easier? I use them - because I use them. They are easily available and well, everybody uses them. But what if I told you I discovered something better, and nicer, and SMARTER? Check this out!

All you need is what you already have - a Gmail or an Outlook account. And now, the most awesome part of this app - it has its own AI email assistant. AI stands for artificial intelligence - but the way I see it, it is a tiny little helper living inside my email app and doing things instead of me. Sounds cool, right? And it is not an it, it is a she, Scarlett.
The first thing Scarlett does for you when you sign in is that she arranges all of your email in a people centric way. That means that she makes all of your email centred around people. Each contact you are in a discussion with gets its own Stream. You don't have you usual Inbox looking like you are used to anymore, and it is a lot easier to find emails - under individual persons Stream.

The second awesome thing Scarlett does, is that she separates all your important email from spam and all other people you don't communicate a whole lot, and puts it into the Muted folder. You can of course move individual email from Inbox to Muted yourself too or vice versa. That way you can focus only on the important incoming email, and arrange it by your liking. Who wants to deal with spam, right?

Teams are meant for group collaborations. You can add and remove people from the team, select a team name and an admin. For example, you are organising a birthday party. By creating a new team and adding people you would like to invite, you can send out an invitation to all of them at the same time with a click of a button. And everybody is able to participate. Makes planning your party a piece of cake. Literally. There is also group chat available, can't do without that.

Boards are your best friends when it comes to organising. You can select every email and pin it on a board. That way, you can make to-do lists, organise important emails by company for example, make a Board with your shopping lists,... basically you can organise your emails just the way you like it. That way you know exactly where to look for a specific email you know you will need in the future.

And then we have Library. This is a collection of all of your attachments from a specific Stream you are in at that moment. That way attachments are very easy to find and are all in one place. You can also see the preview and title of each attachment. It is pretty self explanatory. The word Library describes itself.

Every Stream has its own chat, so you can send speedy messages to other 4th Office users. We all know how chat works, and it's no difference here. If the contact you would like to chat with is not a 4th Office user, you get a simple option to invite him into the app and chat away.

Those are all the basic functionalities, all very simple to use and in my opinion looking very sleek and appealing. Inside you will discover all the functionalities you are used to, like forwarding, adding more people to an email, adding attachments.
Now lets go back to Scarlett. There are many things she can do for you, which gives your day a little more free time.

First, you can set follow-ups for your emails. In other words, you can set a reminder for something you have to do in the future - and Scarlett will notify you by sending you a notification. When she figures out your way of setting them, she learns and sets them herself! She knows when someone needs your attention, and sets up a reminder for you to answer them. Every time there is a question directed to you, she will also acknowledge that and will let you know that you have to reply to them. Every time you get a meeting request, or some other kind of RSVP - we know the drill - she will set a follow-up.

She also learns about your network and shares practical insights. Scarlett knows who you are most connected to and when they are most responsive so you can send emails with maximum effect.

As of now, she is still learning a lot of stuff so she can do even more awesome things in the future - but you can try everything I just told you HERE. App is also available for download in the App store, and it is free! Check it out and tell me what you think. I think - it will blow your pants off!

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